Index of the Articles Related to the Qt Multimedia Plugin PiOmxTextures

PiOmxTextures (POT for friends :-)) is the project of implementing an OpenMAX-based Qt multimedia plugin basing on the well known omxplayer source code. It started when gstreamer was still unable to use acceleration properly. I'll keep the project up as long as I'll see interest for it.

POT at the moment not much more than a proof-of-concept of what you can achieve on Raspberry Pi and how. You'll need to work on it to make it useful for any real project. This is an index of the related articles:
For info on how to build refer to this article.
For prebuilt packages refer to these articles:

These are the related demos:

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  1. Hello, your blogs are very interesting, can you tell me how to build a qt demo on raspberry with buildroot? I know that must add project name in package/ and write in helloworld project, but i don't know how to make it exactly, many thanks.