Sunday, October 4, 2015

Binaries for Hardware Accelerated Qt 5.5.0 Multimedia Backend on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 (5.0.0 stable)

This package includes mostly bug fixes over beta2. You can consider it stable in the sense that no one complained about severe bugs for a few days. You always have to test before going to production. Please fil bugs to github if needed. Refer to previous articles on how to use.

Download PiOmxTextures 5.0.0 for Pi1 here (extraction code is: 3466).
Download PiOmxTextures 5.0.0 for Pi2 here (extraction code is: ddd0).


  1. Hi, i'm trying to use your binaries with my raspb but i have i a problem. When i launch pocplayer to test, i have this error, see under :
    pi@raspberrypi ~/opt/PiOmxTextures_5.0.0 $ ./piomxtextures_pocplayer file:///home/pi/Asterix.Le.Domaine.Des.dieux.2014.FRENCH.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-Goatlove.mkv --plateform eglfs
    This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "eglfs".

    Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.

    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    Do you know how i can resolve this ? For information i already have a version of Qt5.5 on my rasp (that i had compiled on the card in /usr/local/qt5 that work fine on this plateform)

    1. Probably platform instead of plateform?

    2. Edit about my last post.
      I tried this with a raspbian wheesy. Now i'm trying with a new img of raspbian jessie (vanilla img). When i'm trying omxplayer (or another app) i have this error :
      pi@raspberrypi ~/PiOmxTextures_5.0.0 $ ./piomxtextures_pocplayer file:///home/pi/Videos/camCour20151002160405_MD.avi
      ./piomxtextures_pocplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

      Do you know how i can resolve this ?

      Question, your binaries is for wheezy or jessie ?

    3. Wheezy and yes there are some dependencies.

    4. Do you know how i can get (i tried many package but with no success !) ?

    5. libproxy-dev? Don't remember.

  2. Already try and not works ! I think for the moment i will try with a new vanilla image of wheezy ... i let you know if it's better !

    1. You are probably looking for libproxy0.

    2. Hi, with raspbian wheezy pocplayer works fine with mkv file ! But for a avi file it didn't work, ihave this message :
      22:43:27.624 INFORMATION: Showing media: file:///media/NAS_Raspberry/camCour/camCour20151007135248_MD.avi.
      22:43:27.627 VERBOSE: Can't find extension for .
      22:43:27.628 VERBOSE: Can't find extension for image/jp2.
      22:43:27.628 VERBOSE: Can't find extension for image/
      22:43:27.629 VERBOSE: Can't find extension for image/x-dds.
      22:43:27.629 VERBOSE: Can't find extension for image/x-icns.
      22:43:27.630 VERBOSE: Can't find extension for image/x-mng.
      22:43:27.630 VERBOSE: Can't handle this media, sorry.

      Perhaps i need to dowload a codec for avi files ?
      Otherwise, congratulation for your job and your share !!!

    3. Probably avi is simply missing in the supported list: Just add it. The supported codecs depend on what you payed for your Pi. Default is h264.

  3. Thanks again for sharing your work.
    It's incredible how your code as been improved during the last year.

    1. Thanks. It is interesting to see where raspberry can arrive.

  4. Aaah, I'd love to use the package with Raspbian Jessie! Unfortunately libicu was raised from version 4.8 to 5.2 - so the references are broken now. Maybe there's an update available soon? :))

    1. I may invest some time on this if there is interest, but unfortunately I'm running a little out of tools lately. Let's see if I can gather some tools around.

    2. Would appreciate that a lot. And I'm sure there is a bunch of people that were just waiting for Jessie.
      Again thanks a lot for sharing your great work with the community!!

    3. I also ran into this issues with libicu ans libproxy when trying to use your Qt package on Jessie.
      What I try to say is that I also would appreciate to get a package based on Jessie.

    4. The package is available already.

    5. Thanks for your info.
      I missed to mention an important detail: I am still using Raspi1 only.
      Maybe it is time to go and buy a Raspi2 now.
      BTW: I was not able to download any of your prepared images. After giving the extraction code a message pops up in chinese and I am stuck.
      At the time I have successfully downloaded any of the images for the Raspi2 I will order one immediately.

    6. I'm sorry but lack of tools at the moment makes it possible for me to only build for one platform. I suppose the most interesting is Jessie armv7.
      Use google translator or press both messages until the good one works. Unfortunately each build is almost 80MB now. And a single image is almost 2GB. Google Drive is not sufficient anymore.

  5. Hi! I have a problem with the new versions (5.0.0beta1, 5.0.0). With 4.5.1 its ok. I have segmentation fault after playing the video..
    gdb output:
    run output:
    Thank you!

    1. That in gdb is not a crash, that is a SIGILL signal sent by openssl, probably to determine CPU features. You can continue.

      11:37:11.326 ERROR: Failed to get shared OGL context. Please enable it with the proper attr.

      Refer to the Qt documentation, it is simple. You have to enable the shared context in your application. I should probably abort immediately if not found so it is clearer.

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  7. Hi Luca,

    did you compile qmake for a 64 Bit Linux?
    I am running Debian 32 Bit and QTcreator refuses qmake in the configuration window.