Sunday, February 7, 2016

Binaries for Hardware Accelerated Qt 5.6.0-beta1 Multimedia Backend on Raspbian Jessie (POT 5.2.0)

This new build is identical to the previous one but includes a few changes in the library:

  • Bump to ffmpeg from 2.7.2 to 2.8.5 to fix some rare crashes.
  • Multiple fixes that were causing bug #51.
  • Other minor fixes.
Download PiOmxTextures 5.2.0 for Raspbian Jessie Pi2 here (extraction code is: cd4f).

Please file bug reports in case of issues and have fun! Bye ;-)

NOTE: If you need to test the samples please keep in mind that Qt 5.6.0 seems to have changed the order of the params to provide to qmlscene: the qml file must appear at the end.


  1. Hello Luca,
    I am new to QT and POT, I've been tried to make your tools running for a weeks. But i can't make it run properly.
    Can you please list some dependencies and steps in order to make it run.
    What i've done is:
    1. Install Raspbian Jessie
    2. Install QT by
    3. try to run qmake -project, qmake and make on one of the folder
    but i got this message "qquickview no such file or directory"

    1. You seem to be using a different Qt build so you should be asking to the author of the build.

  2. Great work!
    But there is another way to get HW acceleration by using gst-omx.
    How your approach compares to gstreamer. And what are performance differences?

    1. gst is included in my builds. I never found it usable. I know nothing else about it.

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