Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Updates on Hardware Accelerated Qt Multimedia Backend on Raspberry Pi (4.15.2014)

For those of you still working on this exciting subject, I did some new changes to PiOmxTextures and it still works pretty good. To have more information on PiOmxTextures refer to this older article. PiOmxTextures is the code behind the creation of a Qt Multimedia backend to provide hardware accelerated video (and software-decoded audio using ffmpeg) decoding and rendering from/in QML scenes on Raspberry Pi. PiOmxPlayer leverages the code from omxplayer. These are the new additions:

  1. Imported code from omxplayer to revision 9b0793faf2c12f49b743ae3778ece03e31ed1538.
  2. Now using ffmpeg 2.2.
  3. Now it can be built using gcc 4.8 using the recent Raspberry Pi Linaro toolchain released in 2014.
  4. Tested using Qt 5.3.0 beta.
  5. Tested on the most recent Raspberry Pi firmware: it seems Broadcom has made some changes (fixes?) to the egl_render component. Use the new patch to Qt Multimedia and rebuild. The hack I was forced to add to compensate is no more needed.

Everything seems to keep working correctly, both in 1080p and 720p. Enjoy: https://github.com/carlonluca/pi. Bye! ;-)