Monday, July 25, 2016

Binaries for POT 5.4.0-beta1 on Qt 5.7.0 and Experimental Accelerated QtWebKit

This is a new binary package including the same content of POT 5.3.0-beta1 package, with some updates:

  • new improvements in POT taken from omxplayer code;
  • bump to ffmpeg 3.1;
  • based on Qt 5.7.0.
The build includes support for network protocols and WebKit 1 supporting video html5 elements (including youtube).
This version is still experimental. Please report bugs on github.
Have fun! Bye! ;-)

Download POT 5.4.0-beta1 for Raspbian Jessie Lite Pi2 (also tested on Pi3) here (md5: e6b6a1f92b71ac2bdd3d9756efd7669c).