Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Je suis Charlie"

I stand for Charlie Hebdo: people who expressed with the pen instead of cowardly expressing with Kalashnikovs.

The civil world must not accept Sharia as the official law. Thank you France for granting freedom of self-expression!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Updates on Hardware Accelerated Qt Multimedia Backend on Raspberry Pi (01.05.2015)

Many complained about an horizontal tearing issue when playing videos on the Pi using the PiOmxTextures driver. The issue was caused by a missing switch of buffers backing the textures on the output of the renderer component. I took a little time to quickly improve the rendering and the new result is interesting. I also fixed an OpenMAX setup that caused my Pi to crash when stressed (have a look at the commit logs). These were the videos showing the old implementation:
Pay attention to the fact that video was only 720p when shaders were applied. I couldn't do it on 1080p.

Consider that in these videos animations involving both 1080p graphics and 1080p source video were very difficult. In fact you can see that video is sometimes only 720p.

After recent changes I tried again the same sample apps and created a small demo of what you can achieve with Pi. Now source video, images and UI are all 1080p resolution.

Source code can be found in the usual github repo. At the moment the latest changes are all committed to the branch no_tearing. Keep in mind that those changes may break the rest of the implementation, so some work is needed if you really want to use it in your project. The modifications were only made to show what performance Pi can achieve. You're welcome to send patches to fix the branch as well if you're interested.